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Publishing and Optimizing Your Content

True SEO success depends on people being able to find your content, get value from it, and share it with others. This video gives you the essential steps.

Keyword Research Method

Keyword research is the first critical step in search engine optimization. The goal of keyword research is to identify which target search terms that are most likely deliver you the most targeted traffic.

In this video I show you my complete keyword research method from start to finish.

Important Update

You also need to watch this update video, which explains changes to the process following updates of Moz’s and Google’s tools.

More In-Depth Keyword Research

Strongly recommended. Check out Ben’s new “SEO from Scratch” course (requires affordable monthly subscription), and in particular make sure you see his latest, more streamlined keyword research methods used on Online Visas.

Form Usability Problem

Usability is a critical aspect of graphic design. This short (2-minute) example shows how design decisions can have a massive impact on the success of web pages.

BetAdvisor Landing Page Redesign

Follow as I explain my redesign of this company’s landing page, and explain the reasons behind important design and copywriting decisions.

Introduction to SEO

What every website owner or web designer absolutely needs to know about SEO, and how to do it the right way.

Introduction to Web Page Production

Ben’s quick guide to how to build a web page.

Note: We believe that most web designers should no longer be building web pages by hand from scratch, but using high-quality templates.

However, people involved in building themes or custom-made high-end sites still need deep mastery of HTML and CSS, which is why we’re including the production content here.

(Apologies for the poor sound quality in the early videos.)