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Multiplicity: Broadening Your Reach

This practical video looks at how to construct your websites in a way that uses multiplicity to offer a broader range of propositions to the market in an organized way.

Reverse Engineer the Competition

You can save a lot of time and effort in SEO simply to notice where your competition has been successful, and to try to replicate their successes.

Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

What you absolutely need to know about Google’s (free) Webmaster Tools, which can give you some handy information it can be hard to find elsewhere.

I show you how to set up Webmaster Tools, and a few of the features you need to be using.

Website Promotion and Link Building Insights

In this one-hour interview with Ken McGaffin, he shares the exact step-by-step process you need to launch a new website successfully, or to boost the reach of existing web content.

Keyword Research for YouTube

YouTube can be a great channel for getting traffic — and it’s often easier to rank for competitive terms than you may think. I give you my hints on optimizing your stuff for YouTube.

Promoting Your Content

The final video in the “SEO from Scratch” series shows you how to get the SEO snowball rolling by promoting your content effectively to the market.