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Starting and Running a Profitable Web Design Business

Here’s a neat course I created a couple of years ago (Sept – Dec, 2013) about how to set up and run your own web design business profitably.

Many of the principles are timeless and are still totally relevant today.

1. Introduction to Business

2. Overview

3. Branding & Positioning

4. Lead Generation

5. Offerings & Pricing

6. Sales

7. Contracts & Business Structure

8. Delivery

The Business Chassis Model

The chassis is a simple but powerful tool for understanding, analyzing and optimizing any business that I learned from my business coach several years ago.

CSS Layout

Introduction to basic page layout with CSS (note, not CSS3).

Layout Basics

Introduction to the fundamental principles of web page layout.

CRO Case Study: Form Intro Text

See how simply changing the introduction text before an important form can deliver a significant boost in conversion rates.

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