The Pro Web Design Course

Ben HuntI started to create the Pro Web Design Course in November 2010. Within a year, it had grown to be probably the world’s most comprehensive course in web design, with over 100 hours of top-quality training.

Hundreds of people have taken the course over the past four years, and they’ve loved it (see testimonials here and here).

But in late 2014 I found myself writing about the end of the all-round web designer (webmaster) role in my upcoming book “Web Design Is Dead” and realised that what the world really needed was a new approach to online marketing.

So I made the decision to take the Pro Web Design Course off the market, and have since focused on open-source ideas, ethical marketing, plus a side-project in sustainable, green living.

Latest Updates

  • I’ll be adding all the current course content on a daily basis, which should be complete by the end of March 2015.